Sandra's Florist COVID-19 Statement

UPDATED 24th March 2020

We at Sandra's Florist have been serving the community with beautiful flowers in the Waterside and New Forest areas for over 50 years but following the governments direction have TEMPORARILY closed the shop and have taken the decision to not offer a delivery service with our online orders for the health and safety of all concerned.

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We will be back, raring to bring smiles back to the faces of all who give and receive our flowers and re-opening as soon as we can, once this is behind us.

Please stay safe

Best wishes

Sandra's Florist Team



Having been part of our local community for over 50 years we would like to reassure all our customers that their health and safety and that of those receiving deliveries from us is at the forefront of our minds.

Whilst we continued to trade as normal prior to 24th March the members of the Sandra’s Florist team went above and beyond the advice given, not only washing their hands constantly, but using alcohol wipes on surfaces on card payment pin pads after ever single time a pin was entered, across the counter, key boards etc. very regularly.

Our professional drivers were continuing to make deliveries and delighting all that receive flowers as always, but with a few important adjustments.

  • We knocked the door and then stepped back staying at distance at all times. We ensured the delivery had been received safely whilst working within all guidelines.
  • We obviously did not be hand over our clipboard and pen requesting signatures for deliveries, as we usually do.
  • Our drivers wore disposable gloves to avoid any potential spread of the virus.
  • Where the recipient wasn't home or did not answer the door we continued to find a safe place, leaving a notification card through the door as usual.

We appreciate that you restricted your own travel plans prior to the composed lock down, but we want to assure you that we will continued to send your best wishes in these unprecedented circumstances and felt honoured to pass on your messages of best wishes. 

If you have any further concern or queries please do not hesitate to contact us though this website contact page, it will be regularly checked.