Quality Guaranteed

Great customer service starts with trust.  We want to make sure your experience with Sandra’s Florist is a positive one, that's why why we are only too happy to offer a guarantee.

We pride ourselves on providing a first-class experience, with the best quality flowers expertly created into beautiful designs.

If you’re not completely happy with the quality of the product, please contact us immediately by phone.

Please bear in mind!

  • At Sandra’s Florist we only use the finest, freshest flowers and often some of the flowers received are so fresh they arrive in bud. By simply using the care instructions along with the cut flower food we provide with every delivery,your flowers will flower and can be enjoyed for may days, with some cut flower and foliage varieties lasting weeks!
  • Rose Guard petals – Whilst we usually remove the ‘guard petals’ from roses, you may occasionally see them present on your roses. These are the first outer petals of the rose, a cross between the Sepal that make up the calyx and a petal, these naturally protect the delicate inner petals. They may appear discoloured or misshapen and may be easily mistaken for wilted or dying petals. It is important to remember that these guard petals are NOT a reflection of the health or quality of the roses. Guard petals can be gently removed to reveal a beautiful bloom. Removing the guard petals can result in the flower looking better in the short term but in some varieties can encourage the rose to open more quickly.

Other important considerations.

Caring for your cut flowers is important to make sure they stay in tiptop condition and you get the full benefit and beauty they can offer.
Below we’ve listed some essential information of crucial do’s and don’ts.

 All our deliveries come with care instructions and cut flower food. We are always very happy to give verbal advice at any point too! More care information can be found by clicking on the link here.

Essential information

As a fresh product it is essential that your flowers:

  • Do not get exposed to extreme temperatures, e.g. being left in a car in very hot or cold temperature.
  • Do not get draughts, as this dehydrates the flowers very quickly
  • Are kept away from electrical items. Yep, sitting them next to the tv can spoil them!
  • Keep them away from fresh fruit. Fruit produce a hormone gas called ethylene that can be detrimental to flowers, especially in reducing their vase-life.
  • Do not get left out of water too long. It's equally essential to always re-cut stems that have been left out of water before placing them into water (with the cut flower food).
  • Are handled really carefully, as a fresh product they can mark and bruise easily.
  • Lily pollen can stain! Whilst we aim to remove lily pollen from all the lily flowers we can, you may wish to continue to remove them from your opening lily flowers. In the early stages of the flowers the anther (lily pollen parcels) are yet to unfurl and display the pollen, this is the best time to remove them as they are free from the pollen that may stain. To remove pollen simply dab the mark with sticky tape until it’s removed. Alternatively, let the pollen dry then brush away. As you can image it’s an occupational hazard for florists to get pollen on them, we never really have any issues with permanent staining. If you need to pick up the phone we’ll be happy to offer advice!
  • Some flowers can be harmful if digested and may cause skin irritation.


We want to make sure our clients and those that receive our flowers are delighted with our flowers. If you feel that they have not met up to our usual high standards, please contact us immediately on 023 8089 1085.  All that we ask is that we are able to exchange the flowers, this allows us to offer feedback to our design team and flower suppliers whilst also ensuring the highest quality for all our customers.
Once we have received a call from you, our friendly team will aim to assist you as soon as possible.